Colorado Workers’ Compensation Information

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If you were hurt on the job, you deserve straight, complete answers, not run-around. You deserve good customer service. Most of all you should GET THE BENEFITS YOU DESERVE. A qualified Colorado workers comp attorney gets your questions answered, works hard to get you the benefits you deserve, and stays in touch. Your high quality medical care is very important to you and it should be your lawyer’s first priority. We offer you a free initial consultation to get your Colorado workers compensation questions answered.

Hurt on the Job? Fired?

Were you hurt on the job and then fired?
Did the employer reduce your pay or work hours?

You should know your rights under Colorado law.

If you were under any restrictions on your last day of work, the workers comp insurer owes you a LOST WAGES benefit in almost all cases.

If you were fired or laid off following an injury, you still have the right to receive medical care for your injury.  The employer cannot deprive you of medical care by firing you.  They probably owe you LOST WAGES too.

If your employer claims your termination was due to your actions, not theirs, you have the right to a hearing, represented by an attorney who knows the law, to try to get your lost wage benefits back in place.

If you were terminated in retaliation for having an injury, or claiming benefits for an injury, the employer may have violated Colorado civil law.  The employer may be liable for your lost earning capacity and other damages in the future.

If you cannot work at all due to the seriousness of your injury, the workers comp insurer owes you LONG TERM benefits and you should pursue them.

We recommend a no-cost consultation in order to find out what your rights are.  In almost all cases, we can represent you without you having to pay an up-front attorney fee.

Insurance Company

I will work with your workers compensation insurance company after a workplace injury. Insurance companies frequently use “stall tactics”, such as denying you were actually injured and undervaluing the scope of your injuries. They may try to keep you from seeing a good doctor. A good attorney can fix that. Your workers comp adjuster may offer to settle your case quickly or “low ball” you assuming you will not know the difference.

I can help you. You need to know whether your insurance company is dealing with you fairly. I have worked with people injured in all types of workplace accidents, in all kinds of work, all over the State of Colorado. If you hire a lawyer, make it a good lawyer. Please contact my law office to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Medical Benefits

Some workers compensation insurance companies want you to see a doctor who really is working for them. Many workers comp adjusters refuse to pay for medical care which you need. Some insurance companies even limit the number of times your doctors can treat you. These insurance companies are not always acting ethically or within the bounds of Colorado law. GET THE BENEFITS YOU DESERVE.

As an experienced Colorado workers comp attorney, I have worked with, for, and against the insurance industry for 28 years, pointing out where they’re wrong, and getting workers the medical care they deserve, not just what the workers comp claims adjuster wants to pay for. If you are having trouble with your claims representative or your doctor’s office, it is probably time to call a good lawyer. During your free initial consultation I can answer your questions and point out information you may not know about your Colorado workers comp claim.

Denied claims

The sad truth is that insurance companies routinely deny valid work injury claims. Even if the workers compensation insurance company wrongfully denies your Colorado workers comp claim, there are still opportunities to get you the benefits you deserve. Sometimes the insurance company gets bad information and makes the wrong decision. Sometimes, a legal issue takes center stage which requires an experienced Colorado workers comp attorney to resolve.

We have 28 years experience working with insurance adjusters, doctors, courts, and injured workers to ensure that your outcome is fair and just. Likewise, if your insurance company is denying you benefits like lost wages and mileage they owe you, we know how to force the insurance company to get you the benefits and medical care which you deserve. Call me for a free initial consultation.

Wage Claims

I help Colorado workers collect unpaid wages their employers owe them. In most situations, the faster you act the better your chances are for receiving wages that an employer owes you for work you have performed. A good Colorado attorney can help you through the pitfalls of a wage claim. Call me today for a free initial consultation.

Problem Solving Approach

It is important to hire a lawyer who wants you to have an excellent result you are happy with. Unfortunately, some lawyers just want a quick settlement and a “fast buck”. You get a fair shake from a Colorado workers comp attorney who helps you plan what you’ll do AFTER you’re done with the doctor’s care. I have experience in employment law, wage recovery cases, disability discrimination, social security, and vocational rehabilitation.

A lawyer who helps you look at a long range plan is more valuable than one who is only interested in a fast buck quick settlement. At your free initial consultation you’ll have your questions answered about what to expect in the future in your case, how we can maximize your benefits, and get you the medical care and benefits you deserve.

If you hire a lawyer, make it a good lawyer

Colorado workers compensation law is complex and full of deadlines and pitfalls you must know about. We will look at your medical and financial needs and structure a solution around you, not just try to make a fast buck off your case. A good workers compensation lawyer has your needs in mind, not his. A good workers comp lawyer stays in touch with you and answers your questions. He doesn’t hide behind his staff and refuse to return phone calls. He doesn’t keep you in the dark about your case, your court dates, and your benefits.

A good Colorado lawyer knows your case and keeps you informed. If you hire a lawyer, make it a good lawyer. Call me today for a free initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the workers comp insurance company have to pay for my medical care?

A: In most cases workers compensation insurance coverage in Colorado includes all necessary and reasonable medical care you need to cure and relieve the symptoms of a work related injury.

Q: Does the workers comp insurance company have to pay my mileage to and from doctors appointments?

A: Yes.

Q: If I can’t work, or leave this job, does the insurance company owe me benefits?

A: Yes. In all cases workers comp insurance still must pay for your medical care. In many cases, it still must pay for your lost wages.

Q: How are lost wage benefits calculated?

 A: Colorado law requires the workers comp company to pay you two thirds of your total average weekly wage when you cannot work at all. You can also get partial benefits when you are only working part time.

Q: Do I have to see their doctors?

 A: Yes, in most cases. If the insurance company is requiring you to see a doctor you have never heard of, you should get legal advice. There are good reasons to learn why the workers comp adjuster wants you to see a new doctor you have never heard of before.

Q: What if don’t like my doctor’s advice, or don’t like my doctor at all?

A: You have rights to second opinions, reviews of your medical care, and in some cases, to change to another doctor. If your medical care is “going nowhere fast” it may be time to see a good and experienced Colorado workers compensation attorney for a review of your rights.

Q: What if the workers comp adjuster denies the care my doctor wants?

A: Insurance companies will often deny medical care but in Colorado you have the right to your day in court to show why the doctor is right and the insurance company is wrong. If the medical care your doctor wants is related to your injury, you should be able to get that care, including surgery, therapy, medications, chiropractor, and other medical care.

Q: Can I get a settlement from the insurance company?

A: Yes. However, settling your case is full of pitfalls and you must know your rights. Call for a free consultation.


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