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If you live and work in the Valley there is no need to hire an out of town firm to handle your workman comp case. I worked for the largest service company in the oil fields was injured and needed a tough tenacious attorney to help me get well. Greg has taken on the biggest named employers in the country and won. I would use him again. David 05/20/2016

Injured in the oil field? Hire Greg Russi, a tough tenacious local attorney who wins.

I really enjoyed working with Greg because of his pragmatic, no-nonsense style and ease of working with him. Greg never made me feel “less than” and understood my reluctance to file for workman’s compensation even though I had a valid claim. I needed someone like that to hold my hand through the process and eventually come to a settlement.
JR – 03/23/2011

A Lawyer That “Gets” It

Hello I would like to say, that I live in Little Rock,Ark. and I was needing some solid representation. I got Greg’s name from another attorney, but… Im am so glad he put me on Mr. Greg S. Russi. Greg is a stand up guy and you can bank on what he tells you, So if Mr Russi ever tells you that the ole Rooster is gonna lay some eggs… Better get your basket!!! For the money you can’t go wrong. Give him a call, you’ll see. Thank you.

Mike – 01/27/2010

Need Some Solid Representation? Call Greg S. Russi … (you’ll be glad you did)!

Excellent service and representation. Would recommend Attorney Russi to anyone with Workers’ Compensation issues.

Michael – 02/05/2010

Greg Russi!

I’d like to recommend my lawyer Greg Russi to represent you if you are in need of legal help! He’s done so much for me! I was seriously hurt on the job and didn’t know what to do! He has done a lot for me, 4 surgeries later, I’m on my way to recovery and he made it all possible! I’m very thankful for all he’s done! I could go on but if you are reading this hurry and call him! You will be thanking him one day too! Thanks

L. Mcdonald – 02/24/2010

I’m on my way to recovery and he made it all possible.

I was referred to Greg Russi by a friend and it was the best phone call I have ever made. I was in a lot of pain,confused and very frustrated with an insurance company that had denied me of a much needed surgery. Long story short, I had that surgery shortly after meeting Greg Russi. And I had that surgery because Greg knows his business. Greg Russi is very aggressive, and to the point. He gets results and he gets them fast. I didn’t think I had a chance against a big insurance company with big words and no compassion. Greg took all the weight off of my shoulders and all the worry from my mind. And that was everything to me. Thank You Greg Russi.

Grateful – 02/04/2010

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