Top 10 Reasons You Need an Attorney for Workers’ Comp


  1. Your insurance company denies important medical benefits to you, such as doctor visits or prescriptions.
  2. Your insurance company is not paying you lost wage benefits, or underpays your wages.
  3. Your insurance company is not paying you for your overtime, or for your second job.
  4. Your doctor is not listening to you.
  5. Your insurance company requires that a Nurse from their company go to your medical appointments.
  6. Your insurance company denies that your accident happened.
  7. Your insurance company tells you that your injuries are “pre-existing”.
  8. Your insurance company makes you see their doctors, usually in Denver, for an “independent exam”.
  9. Your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance; and
  10. Your insurance claims adjuster won’t call you back.

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